Meeting Arrangement for one of EBS learning series by LinLead.

LinLead is a boutique media company, living intelligence for better decision-making in the business world, since 2009.

The reason for LinLead’s existence, is to fuel insight and decision-making on organization innovation and people development in business world in China and neighboring areas, in a positive, proactive and representative manner, through its learning sessions and related intelligence products.


LinLead’s learning sessions,

usually in the formats of workshop and conference, mainly focused on topics of  Human Resources and Corporate Governance, will be presented in the 3rd-party manner, mainly for Chinese market, with some events attracting regional or even global business audiences.

LinLead’s entire business revolves

around the keywords “Leadership” and “Relevance”. To forge talent for business success, we believe in the following values centered on “5is (5 words starting with i)”:

Richard Mosley, International Authority on Employer Brand featured at one of EBS learning series by LinLead.


We suggest honesty, integrity and conscientiousness to be the foundation of core values in the business world .


Insight becomes scarcer where information is tremendously abundant. We appreciate independent insights and facilitate delivery of thought leadership for productivity and people development.


We believe theory need to be proved true by practice, and we practice will suggest improvement for theoretical advancement, as well as people will get inspired and grow by applying thinking into the real world for good.


Utilizing  firm cooperation coming from prior dependence, interdependence brings in excellence in a sustainable manner. We believe in interdependence from the within , and call for  interdependence among organizations in business.


Positive impact is the greatest manner of results. People make positive impact to deliver value ahead. And when people hold integrity, drive insight, share the involvement,  look up for interdependence, they can make the positive impact.

What will you say?

Testimonials We Received Learning session and opportunity that LinLead presents alive from solid research and great organization, are highly recognized by professionals and leaders like:

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LinLead's clients are leading international brands and local emerging giants, many of whom are found on the Fortune 500, FT 1000 and Chinese Corporation 500 lists.