Achieving High Performance Leadership International Workshop Opening in December in Shanghai

—A visionary language introduced to re-define leadership communication

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October 19, 2010, Beijing ——

Providing strong leadership in today’s turbulent and unpredictable global economy is a major challenge and demands significantly improved leadership communication and the empowerment of staff to ensure sustained high performance and profitable results in any organisation. It is becoming clear that whilst the ongoing global financial crisis is far from over and continues to expose fundamental structural weaknesses in the western developed economies, the emerging economies of China and Asia are booming. To take maximum advantage of this exciting window in time requires urgently needed leadership and strategy skills and the ability to leverage enhanced communication skills because continued Chinese and Asian business growth cannot be underpinned solely by low labour costs, cheap raw materials and tactical opportunity oriented business models. This is the view of LinLead Beijing, the leading Chinese B2B event organiser.

In response to the rising awareness of the need for and the challenge of effective leadership development in China and across Asia, LinLead is organising for the first time in China an international workshop in Shanghai entitled Achieving High Performance Leadership which will be led by the internationally acclaimed leadership master, David Powell. He will be joined by forward-thinking Chinese and Asian entrepreneurs, senior executives in business development and professionals in learning & development on 7th -8th December, 2010 at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel. This high powered event will introduce a visionary language to radically improve leadership communication, staff empowerment and the development of dynamic teams to ensure outstanding and sustainable business development and results.

David Powell specialises in executive leadership skills enhancement and offers uniquely powerful new approaches by focusing on what he calls tapping the Hidden Advantage latent in most middle managers and staff. By creating a highly stimulating and effective accelerated learning environment, he encourages leaders to recognise, understand, unlock and orchestrate the additional powers of the emotional and spirit intelligence of their people in business and government – going far beyond the normal business focus on just body and mind to allow leaders to tap new sources of motivation, enthusiasm, initiative, creativity, commitment and resilience. He focuses on the 4 key leadership parameters – Purpose, Passion, Plans and Persistence – to assist leaders unleash what he calls 16 cylinder performance – to ensure “gold medal winning” results from every employee and team.

To access the Hidden Advantage and demonstrate successful leadership, David advocates high impact leadership communication – using powerful new approaches to graphical vision and graphical planning allowing leaders to start selling their future success vision and leading their team to achieve sustained high performance. David has achieved his mastery of executive leadership development from his 40 years of business experience including a corporate career that spanned 14 years in oil & gas and 10 years in information technology where he held general management roles. Since 1993, as a senior consultant, he has worked across 5 continents with more than 170 organisations including many “blue chip” companies such as IBM, Intel, Johnson and Johnson, Rothschild, GSK, Roche, Allianz, Electrolux, Ericsson, Jim Beam, Thomas Cook and the London Olympics. He is the internationally acclaimed author of The Hidden Advantage – Powerful Keys to Performance Improvement. 

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