What Jobs Do People Hire a Job to Do?

Tianhe CBD, Guangzhou, China/Photo by Sofia Chen

When Clayton Christensen, the Professor from Harvard Business School, the author of the bestseller ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail’ which was said to be among the top favorite books of the late Steven Jobs, founder of Apple, explained the JTBD (Jobs to Be Done) approach in the article ‘How to Hire Your Employer’, he suggested ‘to understand why consumers make the choices they do to pick one product or service over another, there for marketers is ‘a critical question to ask: What job did you hire that product to do?’

So, what if a consumer is a job hunter too? Read More

Why “WEAstern” Leadership?

When talking about internationalization or modernization, people tend to take the WEstern style for granted, almost neglect the EAstern side. I believe this is another kind of this world’s dogma.

We shall break the dogma now, by accessing to a combined approach — “WEAstern thinking and its Leadership”(the wording “WEAstern” comes from the existing separate words “WEstern” and “Eastern”, suggesting people from either the Western and the Eastern to view the world with the both Western and Eastern perspectives ), which in my eyes, will send nowadays people to an appropriate global view, which is essential to facing global challenge.

Why WEAstern thinking and its Leadership? Read More

6 Talent Lessons Taught by Marketer

Not all customers or clients are the right fit for our businesses, so why do we fool ourselves that if we hire “top talent” that miraculously these hires must be a great fit?

Author: Greg Basham, Steven Li

Top marketers know the value of having the right potential customer in the right place at the right time. They don’t hold a product launch for an expensive new item if not make sure the crowd in attendance is not just out for the free food and drinks. Read More

Why did CHOs always get behind CFOs?

Autumn is the season to harvest. As a tradition, when it comes to HR, we call the time a golden period (only next to the Spring season), when organizations reap experienced professionals, while spare no effort to grab fresh graduate on campus.

However, if the tradition still dominates the market, we would have never been surprised at various tragedies as “HP splitting plan” and “Adobe’s overall abolition of Chinese R&D arm” following a series of huge downsizing actions by big names. Read More

How A Holistic Employer Brand Stratrgy works and 3 Benefits

The issue with many companies today is that their organizations put tremendous effort into attracting employees to their company, but spend little time into retaining and developing talent.

I just don’t get it. Do you?

No engagement, no performance and no recruitment consequently.Slow down your ongoing recruiting but start truly managing talent, towards incremental ROI of Human Capital. But how? Read More