How A Holistic Employer Brand Stratrgy works and 3 Benefits

The issue with many companies today is that their organizations put tremendous effort into attracting employees to their company, but spend little time into retaining and developing talent.

I just don’t get it. Do you?

No engagement, no performance and no recruitment consequently.Slow down your ongoing recruiting but start truly managing talent, towards incremental ROI of Human Capital. But how?

Furthermore, in a bigger picture, today’s technical advancement moves faster, economic slow-down everywhere meanwhile Millennial and Generation Y are asking for more free time. Both Talent Management and Business Operation are hard while organization has been challenged significantly and your organizational value strategy might have been OUT.

Is there any chance for organizational leadership to find solution to drive Organizational Change from the inside out, meanwhile fund momentum to tackle challenges facing Talent Management and Acquisition as a whole?

The recipe may lie in Holistic Employer Brand Strategy.

As a matter of fact, you need an updated Organizational Value system in place. The updated value system requires an updated customer value combined with an updated employee value proposition, to be well embedded into business context, and the latter goes first, as customer value is retrieved from employee value obviously.

How does the whole thing work in details?

In the 1st Phase,

from the perspective of an employer, you need an updated Employee Value Proposition, which is further to be embedded into the Talent Management/People process and being updated in terms of your workforce planning and labor market status.

In the 2nd Phase,

through restructured Talent Management/People process into which the updated Employee Value Proposition has been well embedded, organization gains stronger capability in engaging and inspiring talent, to increase employee value towards desired leadership which not only brings in engagement degree and performance, but also naturally attract the liked minded talent for leadership sustainability.

In the 3rd Phase,

increased engagement degree and performance which are generated from upgraded Talent Management/People Process, facilitate transition of Business Process securing the Updated Customer Value Proposition to create Greater User Value, by which an organization is reignited to retain its brand promise forward. Consequently, business results are produced and organizational values are delivered.

Obviously, major processes in the first 2 phases are more about employee value development and management, thus we like to call those major processes a holistic Employer Brand Strategy.

From proceedings we lay out above, in activities associated with employer brand thinking to be applied into business context, we see the below 3 major benefits:

1, introducing Employer Brand Strategy,

provides organizational leadership a golden opportunity to facilitate organizational change,

2, Managing Employer Brand Strategy,

enables organizational leadership to upgrade talent management and sustain leadership pipeline,

3, Developing Employer Brand Strategy,

will be a strategic tool for organizational leadership to increase human capital.

However, in many cases, it’s easier said than done, in the domain of employer brand thinking, there is no exception neither.

*The blogger Steven Li is the China based leading producer on Employer Brand – EBS series, since 2010.Pls explicitly indicates its source when you use or quote the above content.

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  • This article was originally published on September 18, 2014.

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