At any time,  in any place, in English or Chinese, Customized Training will be delivered in the form of in-house training course tailor-made for 15 or more delegates from one organization. save up to 40%on training costs, compared with attending LinLead’s public masterclass / workshop.

On the in-house training side, LinLead takes advantage of LinLead’s branded independent learning event resources, to deliver the suitable training solution to meet customized objectives of yours, cutting corporate training costs and dramatically improving corporate staff’s performance.


Our approach includes:

Customized In-house Training  – adapted to suit corporate business environment and objectives
Course R&D     – where training is preceded by an onsite needs-analysis and multiple interviews
1-on-1 Coaching    – focused and impactful interventions for senior executives and entrepreneurs.


Subjects we cover:

Covering a wide variety of specialist subjects from Business Strategy, People Management to Branding, the LinLead expertise promises a superior training programs with renowned business leaders and senior academics in their fields,


Employ Brand Strategy
Business Intelligence and Digitalization
HR Strategy & Management
Supply Chain Management
Personal Branding


*Be advised to request an in-house training course 6 months in advance.


To talk about your business demand on this,

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