Managing Succession Successfully for Companies Built to Last

——Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing Opening on 25-26, May

In response to urgency of succeeding in markets while planning for the future, on 25-26 May 2010, at Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center in China, the international workshop entitled Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing will take place, be led by a globally recognized thought leader, Lynne Morton, aiming to bring HR senior executives and senior management into the world of strategic evaluation and planning, fresh idea exchanging on building Succession Management alignment with talent management and business strategy.

Actually, managing succession is managing success for companies built to last. And succession management could be a timely topic with significance to the fast-growing China and Asian markets, especially, in current China mainland where there has just been around 30 years marketed-led economy reform since its opening-up policy carried out, fierce competition escalated while early generations of entrepreneurs and senior executives gets older and retired, both from Chinese companies, and sent by global headquarters. Meanwhile, amid the war for top talent all around, combats in the market frontiers, rolls out between Chinese shining business stars and traditional well-established western giants at home and aboard, both sides re-shuffled their approaches and shift focus from today onto future. However, succession plan and manage is exactly part of planning for the future.

Gaining an appreciation of the complexity of succession management and its business impact, achieving knowledge of how to manage succession in a holistic and strategic way, all are essential in terms of human resources management expertise. Moreover, HR strategists and the senior management members are really seeking for experiences and stories sharing and fresh idea exchanging. The international event Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing is ready to serve such purposes, also setting up an ideal platform for senior managerial members to develop enthusiasm of escalating the work of succession management on their organization’s commercial agenda.

Facilitating managerial innovation further in strategic succession management, the event Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing adds a cross-cultural atmosphere. Other than delegates and participants coming from both Chinese local leaders, and international giants, the international workshop leader and facilitator will be Ms Lynne Morton, a globally recognized, award-winning consultant and thought leader, who is coming to China for the first time. In February 2009, Lynne Morton received the HR Leadership Award at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai, India, in recognition of her accomplishments.

The Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing is organized by LinLead Consultancy, More details on

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