Employer Brand Equity is rising: 7 Key Points from 30 Interviews with Asian Professionals on Employer Brand thinking

(snapshot of Schneider’s introduction to its new people vision, including EVP, core values and leadership expectation./June 2019)

When asked by me to upgrade his current definition, Simon Barrow, creator of the Employer Brand concept, responded: ”the Employer Brand is formed by the functional, economic and psychological realities making up the actual employee experience provided by the employer”. Read More

Join the Father of the Employer Brand concept, Simon Barrow at EBS2019’ The 6th Employer Brand Strategy (Learning) Summit, July 26, 2019, Shanghai, China

Simon Barrow at Best Employer Award 2017 event hosted by Chinese major recruitment portal, Zhaopin.com.

You are in middle of somewhere too many bosses and CEOs are faced with difficulty of hiring people to kick off their adventure into profitable business? You often see high turnover or attrition rate at your workplace, leading to wasted capital and market opportunity? Your team work too much over time to survive in the market?

Why? Read More

Why “WEAstern” Leadership?

When talking about internationalization or modernization, people tend to take the WEstern style for granted, almost neglect the EAstern side. I believe this is another kind of this world’s dogma.

We shall break the dogma now, by accessing to a combined approach — “WEAstern thinking and its Leadership”(the wording “WEAstern” comes from the existing separate words “WEstern” and “Eastern”, suggesting people from either the Western and the Eastern to view the world with the both Western and Eastern perspectives ), which in my eyes, will send nowadays people to an appropriate global view, which is essential to facing global challenge.

Why WEAstern thinking and its Leadership? Read More

Why did CHOs always get behind CFOs?

Autumn is the season to harvest. As a tradition, when it comes to HR, we call the time a golden period (only next to the Spring season), when organizations reap experienced professionals, while spare no effort to grab fresh graduate on campus.

However, if the tradition still dominates the market, we would have never been surprised at various tragedies as “HP splitting plan” and “Adobe’s overall abolition of Chinese R&D arm” following a series of huge downsizing actions by big names. Read More

Managing Succession Successfully for Companies Built to Last

——Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing Opening on 25-26, May

In response to urgency of succeeding in markets while planning for the future, on 25-26 May 2010, at Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center in China, the international workshop entitled Strategic Succession for Business Success, Beijing will take place, be led by a globally recognized thought leader, Lynne Morton, aiming to bring HR senior executives and senior management into the world of strategic evaluation and planning, fresh idea exchanging on building Succession Management alignment with talent management and business strategy. Read More

Achieving High Performance Leadership International Workshop Opening in December in Shanghai

—A visionary language introduced to re-define leadership communication

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October 19, 2010, Beijing ——

Providing strong leadership in today’s turbulent and unpredictable global economy is a major challenge and demands significantly improved leadership communication and the empowerment of staff to ensure sustained high performance and profitable results in any organisation. It is becoming clear that whilst the ongoing global financial crisis is far from over and continues to expose fundamental structural weaknesses in the western developed economies, Read More

The 2010’s 1st cross-cultural Business Negotiation Event Strategic B2B Negotiation Skills Rescheduled

—- Uphold your development strategy of Global partnership from the desktop


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January 19, 2010, Beijing ——-


Lose Less or Win More? Bargaining for a cheap deal, or Negotiating for a win-win-win cooperation? They are playing the negotiation game on you right now. If you are not aware of negotiation principles, you are costing your company millions of dollars in lost opportunities. Read More