Why “WEAstern” Leadership?

When talking about internationalization or modernization, people tend to take the WEstern style for granted, almost neglect the EAstern side. I believe this is another kind of this world’s dogma.

We shall break the dogma now, by accessing to a combined approach — “WEAstern thinking and its Leadership”(the wording “WEAstern” comes from the existing separate words “WEstern” and “Eastern”, suggesting people from either the Western and the Eastern to view the world with the both Western and Eastern perspectives ), which in my eyes, will send nowadays people to an appropriate global view, which is essential to facing global challenge.

Why WEAstern thinking and its Leadership?

I list the below obvious reasons and looking forward to hearing more argument to make it more completed.

Historically, the Eastern civilizations contributing to the leap of human being:

Indisputably, since 18 century, the European countries and the US successively have been dominating the world, and today the US has remained the greatest and most powerful country. However, as a common sense in the history, the world has seen the four great ancient civilizations: the ancient Mesopotamians, the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Chinese, the ancient Greeks (some may use the ancient Indians to replace the position of the ancient Greeks), which had their share of being the most contributing peoples 4 kinds of civilization, including, and, though the rest of the great ancient civilizations had been destroyed by “barbarians”, the Chinese civilization has carried on from the ancient continuously to the present.

Economically, the Eastern parts will play the center of world economy:

We the human being embrace the new chapter in 21st century, when the European countries and the US have been developing at a relatively low pace, the Asian countries, especially China and India play more and more important roles at the world stage, and more of the elite even claim that China will be the world’s No.1 economy in 2017 again—last time, till early 19 century, ancient China has been the world’s No.1 economy for hundreds of years, with current No.1 economy the US conceding to the Second position economically. If the world, need resolve a global challenge, the Chinese role is one of the major role, so are India and the East Asia.

Culturally, the Eastern people make the world remarkable, as the most populous group

Apart from the economical side, culturally, Asian countries play a very important role too, especially China is the most influential one in the region. Chinese is a language which the most native speakers in the world, and selected as one of very few official languages of the United Nation. In Asia, Chinese has influenced the formation of both Japanese and Korean languages.

Chinese culture has produced several great philosophers the world has seen ever since, the most notable one is Confucius (Kongfuze), the father of the Confucianism. since 200 B.C, the Confucianism is the core value of Chinese culture, and has been the symbol of the Eastern culture, including Japan and Korea. If we need a full image of cultural map, obviously, we can not afford to miss Chinese culture, as well as the Indian and East Asia’s ones.

Intellectually, the Eastern concepts, especially Chinese Confucianism really wise

The Confucianism attaches great importance to constant self-motivation and self-learning, in terms of developing oneself into a successful person both psychologically and socially, and calls on people to develop together with peers, and achieve harmony with the society, as well as balance career and family life. These kinds of characters of Confucianism which make the cornerstone for Chinese even the Easter civilizations, could be a great resource of leadership development of the next generation.

All in all, this is why I like to create the word “WEAstern” to make the world more completed, since the East plays its part, particularly, with 5 thousands of years continuous history, China has been offering good thinking to the world and mankind, like “Yin-Yang”, “Confucianism”, so that we will be equipped better for crisis of this time facing all together.

Author: Steven Li, LinLead Consultancy (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Published: Steven came up with the word “WEAstern” and firstly conceived the concept “WEAstern Leadership” in 2012 and explained it on LinkedIn, Quora and QuiSage.com later on.

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